Hat Trick may be an acoustic trio, but expect much more than a three chord folk act. While we can easily perform much of the standard acoustic repertoire, we're also able to attack full band rockers few others would dare to attempt, re-orchestrating chords, basslines, and percussion parts between only two acoustic guitars. It's a challenge we truly enjoy, and know you'll enjoy too...

2020 marks our 23ND ANNIVERSARY as a band! Yes, for 23 years now, Hat Trick has been covering an exceptionally broad range of music, surveying Rock and Pop classics from the 1960s all the way up to some of today's more popular hits. We're all about a good time, interacting with our audience, taking requests from listeners and tailoring our sets to meet people's tastes. No one gig is ever the same as another, so we invite you to come on down to hear us and become part of our ever-growing group of loyal fans and friends!


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